About Casita Orange

Casita Orange was founded in 2016 as a result of us seeking temporary housing as our place in California was being brought back to life after a devastating fire.


In search for a place to camp out we found this comfortable house inside the walls of Solterra Resort and it took us all of 30 minutes to make decide to make this place our home away from home and we have never regreted it for a single moment.


We rent Casita Orange out to allow others to enjoy it as much as we do and although we are trying to offset some of the annual costs we are not considering this a pure investment as we try to visit the house at least 3 times a year. During those visits we are not only kicking back and relaxing; we use our time to update the place and keep it in top shape and up to our standards



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Casita Orange is owned and managed by Oliebol Enterprises. Please contact us at info@casita-orange.com or by phone +1-407-705-2077